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The days are long, but the years, the years are so short. Cliche' right? So I always thought. And then I had children. I had my boys, and it all made sense. The small things, the details, those we tell ourselves we'll never forget -- they tend to get lost in the shuffle. The amount of change in the first year of life alone is astounding. Little hands grow, and don't fit into ours quite the same way. Little legs lengthen and become steadier, they don't need us to anchor them any longer. Every season of childhood has its beauty and its pain, bittersweet aches as our littles grow. Perhaps its the mom in me, but my heart sings when I have the chance to catch snippets of children just as they are, whatever stage they're in. Portraits of our children, their essence and their personality, are treasures.

Whether you're expecting, have a child (or multiple!) reaching a milestone age, or just want an update, send me a message and let's get you scheduled!