I first met Stella's parents last year, on a blazing hot day in Shawnee Mission Park, for their maternity session. We clicked right away, chatting & laughing our way through the early evening session despite the triple digit temps and a host of pesky mosquitoes. They brought their sweet fur babies along, and quite a few memorable memories were made. However, what stands out to me the most about our time together was Justin & Laura's tender excitement for this babe they would soon be welcoming into the world. As first time parents, there was some definite apprehension regarding the adjustments and changes that occur when a newborn baby arrives.

Soon after Stella's birth, Justin & Laura honored me by having me come out and document memories of her early days.

I was sure then, as I know now, they adapted beautifully to parenthood. Here are some of my favorite moments of this precious family.

Halfway through our session, little Stella's tummy needed a refill. A feeding babe is one hundred percent natural, regardless of how they are being fed. If momma is comfortable with it, I'm thrilled to photograph through a feeding, as those are some of the most intimate moments we have with our babes. Laura was happy for me to continue, which led to some of my favorite captures from any of my sessions to date.

Belly full of milk, what a charming joy! I've never seen a babe as young as Stella with such gorgeously expressive eyes!

I LOVE photographing newborns & their families. Love. If that isn't glaringly evident at this point, I'm making it plain. You don't want to forget these little details, and I'll make sure you have them documented for years, and generations, to come. If you are expecting or your babe just recently arrive, click HERE -- fill out this brief form and I will get back to you within 24 hours so we can book and plan your session!