Hey, hey Kansas Citians! I'm going to share a little something with you. As a photographer one of the greatest joys I've experienced, is that of repeat clients. A compliment of the highest order; someone who not only invests their money, but trusts their time and memories to me and my camera. Timber was one of my first repeat clients and I hold a special place in my heart for her & her precious babe, Lennon -- we're on our fourth session together!

family photography kansas city mom and me urban city center toddler sitting on moms lap with head turned towards camera
family photography kansas city urban city center mom and me toddler and mom sitting together smiling and laughing
family photography kansas city mom and me city center urban toddler girl held close in moms lap with eyes closed

I absolutely adore Timber & Lennon's natural city vibe. My journey to photography began in random alleys, sidewalks, and long abandoned parking lots across Kansas City shooting toddler & pre-k fashion. We've planned all of their sessions with a modern, urban feel and I love how uniquely perfect they've been. Every family session's location and outfit choices should highlight and complement who they are. Timber & Lennon's chic looks were the perfect foil for this fun new spot smack in Lenexa's city center.

Authentic connection is the endgame for every single session, regardless of style or location. Sometimes children are all smiles, sometimes they're not. Sometimes they don't want to leave mama's lap, and that's 100% okay too. Flexibility is the name of the game, and I do what's necessary to make sure each personality shines through.

Click HERE and let's plan a session for you and the one(s) you love most! (Or if you're flying solo, that's cool too, everyone deserves to see how amazing they are!)